A barcode is a method of representing data in a visual, machine-readable form.

Barcodes are ideal components for programmatically encoding data. They are commonly used for storing data such as item serial numbers in retailers and warehouses.

Barcode rendering modes

Barcodes can be rendered as an <svg> and <canvas> element.
Using the svg rendering mode is recommended as the barcode doesn't lose quality when it is zoomed.

Barcode Types

The barcode element supports a wide range of the most common barcode types available:

  • PharmaCode
  • CodaBar
  • Code128A | Code128B | Code128C
  • MSI | MSI10 | MSI11 | MSI1010 | MSI1110
  • EAN8 | EAN13
  • Code39
  • Code93


The barcode's color, background color and bar dimensions can be customized by their respective properties.

The label of the barcode can be set to visible or hidden with displayLabel. Its color, font, size, margins and position can be customized by their respective properties.


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