Grid Row Selection

The data grid component supports different configurations for selection. You can choose to select/unselect rows with API only or on single or double click by setting the 'selection.action' property to 'none', 'click' or 'dblclick'. Clicking on a Grid Row or Column header can also be used for selection just like in Microsoft Excel. The 'selection.mode' property determines whether we will have Single or Multi-Row selection. The allowed values for that property are 'one', 'many' and 'extended'. 'one' allows only single row selection, while 'many' and 'extended' allow multi-row selection. The difference between 'many' and 'extended' Grid selection modes is that in 'extended', users will have to click 'Ctrl' or 'Shift' keyboard keys to perform multiple selection.

Select on Double Click
Allow Row Header Selection
Allow Column Header Selection
Single Selection
Multiple Selection
Extended Selection