Server-Side Batch Edit

This example performs CRUD operations via Batch Editing. In order to enable batch editing, the 'editing.batch' property should be set to 'true'. The 'editing.commandBar' setting allows you to display a tool bar or status bar with tools for saving and reverting the edit made by the users. This is achieved by setting 'editing.commandBar.visible' to 'true'.

When the 'Save' button is clicked, the Grid sends server requests. The server uses the SQL query sent by the Server-Side Datasource to get the rows. The type of query is stored in the request's action property. Double-click on a cell to begin edit.

This example uses a demo server with AlaSQL that generates SQL to show how a real server might use the requests sent by the Datagrid. The Server-Side Datagrid usage does not have any restrictions on the server-side technologies used.

SQL Query