What is Window snapping ?

Window snapping is a feature that allows the window custom element to attach or detach quickly to the edges of the viewport. When the element is dragged near the edges of the browser so that the mouse pointer is over the edge or passing it a snapping animation will appear indicating that the window can be snapped to the edge. When snapped-on the window takes the dimensions of the viewport but can still be resized. In order to detach it from it's snapped state simply drag the window away. The moment the user starts dragging, the window will restore itself to it's original dimensions (before snapping). Snapping can occure from the left,right or top side of the viewport.

To snap a window on, simply drag it to the left, right or top until the mouse pointer reaches the edge of the browser or passes it. An animation will appear when the window can be snapped on.

Disable Snapping