Smart Editor Context Menu

Context menus allow to execute quick actions. A different set of actions will appear in the Context menu depending on the current selection. The Context menu is customized for the this demo with additional actions depending on the click target.

To open the context menu simply set the contextMenu property to enable and right click via the mouse somewhere inside the Editor. A different menu options list will appear depending on the click target.

The context menu is available for the following type of elements:

Content Filtering

Smart.Editor context menu allows to execute quick actions. Different context menu items are displayed for: text, table, image and hyperlinks. The context menu items can be customized depending on the target. It is possible to add/remove items or set a completely custom toolbar items list. Every time a context menu item is clicked a contextMenuItemClick event is fired.

The contextMenuDataSource property allows to customize the Context menus inside the Editor.

Right click on the Table/Image or anywhere inside the Editor to open the Context menu.

Some of the items of the context menu for the Table have been removed and a new item has been added to all types of context menus.

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