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Smart is two things:

  • UI Toolkit with Custom Elements built with our own Framework.
  • Front-end Ecmascript 6 Framework for Custom Elements Development.

Custom Elements with Zero dependencies

  • One Framework. No third-party dependencies.
  • Built from scratch. Javascript ES6, HTML & CSS3.
  • Unique Performance and User Experience.
  • Typescript definitions.
  • Feature complete. Developer friendly Web UI Components.
  • Mobile-Ready.
  • Native Angular support.
  • Theme Builder for awesome web componetns styling.
  • Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Edge.

Exceptional features for Engineering and Science web apps development

  • Arbitrary-precision arithmetic and Math functions.
  • DateTime precision up to a yoctosecond (10⁻²⁴ second).


Smart HTML Elements is a comprehensive and innovative UI library built on top of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It empowers developers to deliver professional, cross-browser compatible web applications, while significantly minimizing their development time. Smart HTML Elements contains more than 30 UI components and is one of the fastest growing JavaScript UI frameworks on the Web.


  • Web standards compliant
  • Modern Web and Mobile apps, made easy
  • Easy to Learn and Use
  • User interface with proven reliability
  • Deliver more than expected
  • Tech assistance by Experts
  • Royalty Free Distribution
  • Reduces design risk with over 90% test automation coverage


Smart HTML Elements is evolving quickly. Our development schedule is very aggressive and we are committed to equip you with the best tools for HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 User Interface development. The plan for the next release period is focused on the following improvements:

  • Angular Modules and Components
  • Gantt Chart Resources View
  • Kanban Component

Latest Release: Jan-2020