smartEditor represents a ready-for-use HTML text editor which can simplify web content creation or be a replacement of your HTML Text Areas.

HTML Table

Company Contact Country
Alfreds Futterkiste Maria Anders Germany
Centro comercial Moctezuma Francisco Chang Mexico
Ernst Handel Roland Mendel Austria
Island Trading Helen Bennett UK
Laughing Bacchus Winecellars Yoshi Tannamuri Canada
Magazzini Alimentari Riuniti Giovanni Rovelli Italy

HTML Links

Smart Web Components Library

HTML Image

Smart HTML Elements Browser Support


The following demo shows how to customize the inline toolbar for the image, table and hyperlink elements.

Click inside the Table/Image or link to view the customized inline toolbar.

The Table/Hyperlink/Window has it's input pre-configured via the toolbar item object's editor propoerty.

the inlineToolbarItems is supported only on table/image/hyperlink toolbar items and allows to set an array of toolbar items, some or all of which can be completely custom.