v7.4.0 Release, Apr-06-2020
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    • Web Components Performance


      Carefully optimized to deliver great performance on a wide range of devices and browsers. Small in size, highly modular and responsive web components.

    • Web Components Across Devices
      Material UI

      Across Devices & Browsers

      Smart is new, modern, easy, platform independent, cross-browser compatible, Responsive and adjusts for the best user experience across devices. Implements Google's Material Design.

    • Material Web Components Everywhere
      Web Components


      Reliable, feature rich Front-End Ecmascript6 framework. Create your own Custom Elements and Web Components or use our UI Toolkit built with Smart. It increases productivity and minimizes development cost. Works well with Angular, React, Vue.

    Smart is a modern Vanilla JS and ES6 library and next-generation front-end framework

    • Enterprise-ready Web Components. Includes accessibility features(WAI-ARIA, Section 508/WCAG Compliance), Localization, RTL, Keyboard navigation, Theming.
    • Blazing Fast and Professionally designed UI Components for beautiful and always modern web apps.
    • Perfect for enterprise web development. Implements Google's Material Design with Light and Dark modes. Automatically adapts to different device types.
    • 0 dependencies. 0 learning curve.
    • Supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. Edge and Safari require webcomponents-lite.js polyfill.
    • Javascript library that helps you to create Custom UI Elements.
    • Best Grid and Charting Web Components.
    • Theme Builder for designing awesome themes.
    • Integrates with Angular, ReactJS, Vue.js, Bootstrap and any other framework.

    Accelerating the pace of engineering and science web apps development

    • Industry’s most advanced UI components for Science.
    • Arbitrary-precision arithmetic and Math functions.
    • DateTime precision up to a yoctosecond (10⁻²⁴ second).

    Everything you need - at your fingertips

    complete library of


    Web Components
    acompanied by


    trusted by


    developers from 20+ countries

    Benefits of using Smart HTML Elements UI Toolkit

    • Responsive UI Web Components
    • Works with Angular, ReactJS, Vue.js
    • Web standards compliant
    • Native User Experience
    • Accessibility features built according to W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Section 508
    • Zero Dependencies. Works with any framework
    • Modern Web and Mobile apps, made easy
    • Easy to Learn and Use
    • Material UI with proven reliability
    • Deliver more than expected
    • Tech assistance by Experts
    • Royalty Free Distribution
    • Reduces design risk with over 90% test automation coverage
    • Helps you to create custom reusable HTML elements like Google's Polymer and X-tag
    • GitHub Repositories and Transparent Process

    What is new & what comes next

    Smart Elements v7.4.0 Release, 06-Apr-2020
    • Kanban Component
    • Gantt Resources View
    • Gantt Zoom in/out
    New Features & Roadmap, Jun/2020 - Oct/2020
    • React UI Components
    • Form, MultiInput, MultiComboInput, DateRangeInput Components
    • Grid Filter Row, Excel-like Filter, Group Panel, Search Panel

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    More than 10000 developers in 20+ countries trusted our products

    • I was waiting for professional components based on Custom Elements! This is great! I cannot believe that these are supported components.

      Pieter Agenbag

      Senior Software Developer

      SINTREX Integration services

    • National Instruments has partnered with JQWidgets Ltd. to bring HTMLElements to NI’s suite of engineering tools and development environments including LabVIEW NXG and SystemLink. Read Full

      Mark Black

      Software Product Owner

      National Instruments

    • Very simple! I have to say that your customer support is fantastic. And your product is very good.

      Brian Carroll

      B. R. Carroll & Associates, LLC

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    Our Custom Elements product is shipped in two versions: Community, Professional.
    • The Community version is licensed under the permissive Apache v2 license.
    • For Professional version, see Pricing.