Professional Custom Elements

Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the Web with the most advanced Web components UI library. More than 30 and feature complete, touch-enabled, enterprise grade UI custom html elements including Tabs, Lists and more.

Modern UI, User Friendly

Smart Custom UI Elements for web app development with HTML, CSS, and JS. Quickly prototype your ideas or build your entire app. Broad array of styling and customization options.

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It begins with great products and continues with first-class tech support. Experts will support you for projects of every complexity.

Web Components library for Custom Elements development

Compact, feature-rich API for custom elements development. You can use Smart HTML Elements framework to build your own custom elements, just like X-Tag and Google’s Polymer.

    v1.1.0 Release, June-20-2018
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    • Outstanding


      Carefully optimized to deliver great performance on a wide range of devices and browsers. Small in size, highly modular and responsive web components.

    • Optimal User Experience

      Across Devices & Browsers

      Smart HTML Elements takes the JavaScript and HTML UI development to a professional level. It is platform independent, cross-browser compatible and adjusts for the best user experience across devices.

    • Web Components


      Smart HTML Elements is a reliable, feature rich JavaScript framework based on Custom Elements. It increases productivity and minimizes development cost.

    Responsive, mobile-first Web Components for any web app

    • Ideal for mobile and modern web apps. Automatically adapts to different device types.
    • Zero dependencies. Developer friendly API.
    • Cross-browser compatible Web components. All modern web browsers and devices are supported.
    • Javascript library that helps you to create custom reusable HTML elements.

    Accelerating the pace of engineering and science web apps development

    • Arbitrary-precision arithmetic and Math functions.
    • DateTime precision up to a yoctosecond (10⁻²⁴ second).

    Everything you need – at your fingertips

    complete library of


    UI Elements
    acompanied by


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    developers from 20 countries

    Benefits of using Smart HTML Elements

    • Smarter Web Components
    • Web standards compliant
    • Native User Experience.
    • Zero Dependencies. Works with any framework.
    • Modern Web and Mobile apps, made easy
    • Easy to Learn and Use
    • User interface with proven reliability
    • Deliver more than expected
    • Tech assistance by Experts
    • Royalty Free Distribution
    • Reduces design risk with over 90% test automation coverage
    • Helps you to create custom reusable HTML elements like Google’s Polymer and X-tag.

    What is new & what comes next

    Smart Elements v1.1.0 Release, June/20/2018
    • Grid Custom Element
    • Data Binding Source
    • Grid Sorting
    New Features & Roadmap, June/15/2018 – September/15/2018
    • Grid Filtering
    • More themes
    • Tree element
    • Splitter element

    More than 1000 developers in 20 countries trusted our product

    • I was waiting for professional components based on Custom Elements! This is great! I cannot believe that these are supported components.

      Pieter Agenbag

      Senior Software Developer

      SINTREX Integration services

    • We want to say thank you to your team! You have been of great support for the success of our application, you have really helped us reduce development time as well as our application costs, we owe our success to you to some extent.

      Bouanda Abraham Messina

      Senior Software Developer

      SINTREX Integration services

    • Very simple! I have to say that your customer support is fantastic. And your product is very good.

      Brian Carroll

      B. R. Carroll & Associates, LLC

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    Our Custom Elements product is shipped in two versions: Core and Professional.
    • The Core version is licensed under the permissive Apache v2 license.
    • The Professional version is licensed under our license agreement. If you accept our license agreement, you can use the software for Free in your non-commercial projects.