To be more clear:
const boundAttrs = app.data.schoolNew;
console.info(‘boundAttrs’, boundAttrs);
console.info(‘boundAttrs.keys:’, Object.keys(boundAttrs));
for (const key of Object.keys(boundAttrs)) {
console.log(key: ${key} hasOwnProperty: ${boundAttrs.hasOwnProperty(key)});
This gives me the list of keys from above, and after adding check for own property, they are all own property.
So, how do I get JUST the bound variables from the Proxy object, WITHOUT pollution like “propertyName”, etc?
I guess I can filter out functions, and what is left will just be my properties? Isn’t there some function to do that for me? It would seem very common to want to iterate through bound variables, but there seems no convenient way to do it.