Blazor UI Component Library

Enterprise-ready Blazor UI Component Library

Works in both Blazor WebAssembly (WASM) and Server-side Blazor

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Smart.Blazor UI Component Library

Smart UI for Blazor component library will help you to build pixel-perfect web applications. Use the most advanced Blazor UI library. Choose from more than 70 UI components including Grid, Chart, Scheduler, Editor, Pivot Table, Docking Layout and more. Feature-complete Blazor controls.

Enterprise-ready Blazor Controls & Components

  • Create stunning web apps with only one set of Blazor controls
  • Engineered for Blazor. Blazor WebAssembly (WASM) and server-side Blazor apps
  • Blazor UI components designed for modern C# Blazor apps. You can deploy to any modern browser for optimal & eye-catching user experience.
  • Deliver outstanding experience on any device
  • Accessibility & Localization. The Blazor components in the Smart UI for Blazor package are made accessible to all users by conforming to web standards WAI-ARIA, Section 508, and WCAG, and by testing with state-of-the-art accessibility development tools Google Chrome Lighthouse and Firefox Accessibility Inspector.
  • Easy to customize Blazor UI components
  • Dedicated support with guaranteed response time with the Developer/Team subscriptions.
  • New Blazor components and features added on a regular basis. Our development cycle is short and we release as soon as new stuff is available. No more quarterly releases.
  • Smart UI for Blazor components are implemented in C# & Web Components and take full advantage of the Blazor framework
  • Installation with Nuget. Our Nuget package is "Smart.Blazor".
  • Material and Bootstrap Light & Dark Themes are included in the package. This enables you to produce consistent corporate branding
  • Theme Builder for awesome custom styling.

Most Advanced Grid for Blazor

The Smart UI for Blazor Grid component for flawless data visualization. Supporting codeless data binding, editing by cell or entire row, grouping, paging, sorting by single or multiple columns, filtering menus and filter header row, print, export and many more features. Save months of UI development with the powerful Smart UI for Blazor Grid. Learn more about our grid for blazor.

Feature-complete Grid for Vue

Blazor Server vs. Blazor WebAssembly

Smart UI for Blazor components are fully supported in Blazor Server apps and Blazor WebAssembly apps. If you are wondering which Blazor model to choose, here is a quick comparison of Blazor Server vs. Blazor WebAssembly:

Blazor Server

In Blazor Server, your Blazor application is executed on the server from within an ASP.NET Core app. UI updates, event handling, and JavaScript calls are handled over a SignalR connection.

Blazor WebAssembly

In Blazor WebAssembly, your Blazor application, its dependencies, and the .NET runtime are downloaded to the browser in parallel and your Blazor application is executed directly on the browser UI thread.

You choose which model works best for you – we do not limit how you use the Blazor components in your new Blazor apps!

Exceptional features for Engineering and Science web apps development

  • Arbitrary-precision arithmetic and Math functions.
  • DateTime precision up to a yoctosecond (10⁻²⁴ second).