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It doesn’t seem to really be resolved in 4.3. I can’t get it to show more than 4 rows when I add.
But maybe I am not adding correctly. I had a heck of a time figuring out from the documentation just how to add rows. Lots of extensive documentation, but seems lacking in presenting key concepts. Maybe it is easier if you are coming from jsWidgets?  I guess part of the problem is there are several ways. I have a number of requests into support about this, so they will be busy after the holiday. 😉
There are demos that create a grid row, and add the row to the grid. I tried to guess what to do with a data adapter. I finally came across a useful demo, and for the common case where you just have an array of source data, e.g. mygrid.dataSource.add({id: ‘foo’, code: ‘bar’} seems to work and updates both the source array and the displayed grid – UNTIL you get to 4 rows.
After 4 rows are in the grid, if the height is auto, the height will increase, but it will display a blank row. I can confirm that the data is in the dataSource. But it doesn’t show.
Setting a fixed height doesn’t help. It won’t show more than 4. If you set height to auto, at least it demonstrates that rows are being added, because the height is seen to increase by observing the border – but the rows are not shown on the page.