hi Hristofor –
i am heeding your note of caution and trying a different approach using opening instead.
notice that somehow HtmlElements knows which previously selected displayed item was clicked since when combobox opens, it will automatically scroll to the previously selected item in the drop-down list:
in other words, open the ComboBox and click on the first four items.   then close the combo box, then click on the DISPLAYED items, one at a time, closing the box each time.  notice the item clicked upon will be “scrolled” to the top of the list.
is there a hook or a callback somewhere that i can determine which item was clicked upon?   i did see a “CustomEvent” item in my regular chrome browser console, and thought maybe the answer is in there, but am not sure where to look, or even how to access this value.
when examining the ‘event‘ item, i am not seeing any difference between clicking the drop-down arrow or the previously selected displayed item.
any suggestions are most appreciated!   although i suspect you are going to suggest i wait until this feature is fully supported.