Hi Peter,
thank you for your help!
By setting virtualized=true and setting itemHeight to a fixed value (e.g. 25), the performance is now better, it needs about 50-60 ms to create instead of 300 ms. Still, when I have multiple drop down lists, the delay is noticeable, e.g. when I have 4 smart-drop-down-lists to be shown on the page/window, they still need about 200-250 ms to create. This is still slower than using the jqxDropDownList widget.
I also tried to use a smart-input with setting readonly=true and dropDownButtonPosition=’right’, and using a datasource to show items like in the drop-down-list, which seems to be much faster than the smart-drop-down-list (only needs about 10 ms).
However, with smart-input I cannot set a different value for each item – the smart-input only seems to use the “label” property from the data source.
Thank you