Hi davout,
Our component doesn’t support to add items in the html. For your case maybe it will be more reasonable to use ‘<smart-drop-down-list>’ component.
In the ‘<smart-drop-down-list>’ you can add items in the html similar to what you want to achieve with the ‘smart-input’.
Here is a little example of the drop-down-list component:
<smart-drop-down-list selected-indexes=”[0]” filterable>
<smart-list-item value=”1″>Affogato</smart-list-item>
<smart-list-item value=”2″>Americano</smart-list-item>
<smart-list-item value=”3″>Bicerin</smart-list-item>
<smart-list-item value=”4″>Breve</smart-list-item>
Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.
Best regards,
Yavor Dashev
Smart UI Team