That solution is awesome Yavor, I didn’t know I have to copy the array and coudn’t find the removeAt method in the docs : (
Even it fits perfectly when the rowIndex is different from the row-id (what I’m looking for). My last question and I promise I don’t bother you anymore. How can I set my database id in each row-id.
{id: 234, name: ‘Alice’, color: ‘yellow’},
{id: 67, name: ‘Bob’, color: ‘white’},
I’m trying to do it with dataRowId. I want to remove it from my database as well using the real db id without painting that in an extra column.
Any idea will be so appreciated!
And thank u again for your great help and your fast responses if you are in https://opencollective.com/ I will be more than happy that make a donation, you save me hours of my time