The “showRows” message should be defined.
This is the list:

     'invalidColumnProperty': '{{elementType}}: Invalid property name "{{propertyName}}" set for Column: "{{type}}"',
'invalidRowProperty': '{{elementType}}: Invalid property name "{{propertyName}}" set for Row"',
'invalidCellValue': 'Invalid cell value "{{value}}", Validation rule: "{{validationRule}}"',
'frozenColumns': '{{elementType}}: To Pin/Freeze a column group, all columns within it should be frozen.',
'frozenRows': '{{elementType}}: To Pin/Freeze a special cell, all rows within it should be frozen.',
'columnGroups': '{{elementType}}: Please, check the initialization of the jqxGrid\'s columns array. The columns in a column group are expected to be siblings in the columns array.',
'min': 'Min: {{value}}',
'max': 'Max: {{value}} ',
'sum': 'Sum: {{value}} ',
'avg': 'Avg: {{value}} ',
'count': 'Count: {{value}} ',
'pagerFirstButton': 'First',
'pagerLastButton': 'Last',
'pagerPreviousButton': 'Previous',
'pagerNextButton': 'Next',
'pagerNavigateToLabel': 'Go to:',
'pagerPageSizeLabel': 'Show:',
'pagerNavigateToInputPlaceholder': '',
'pagerEllipsis': '...',
'pagerSummaryString': 'of',
'pagerSummaryPrefix': 'of',
'pagerSummarySuffix': '',
'columnMenuCustomizeType': 'Customize',
'columnMenuItemRename': 'Rename',
'columnMenuItemEditDescription': 'Edit description',
'columnMenuItemDuplicate': 'Duplicate',
'columnMenuItemInsertLeft': 'Insert left',
'columnMenuItemInsertRight': 'Insert right',
'columnMenuItemSortAsc': 'Sort {{mode}}',
'columnMenuItemSortDesc': 'Sort {{mode}}', //Sort A → Z
'columnMenuItemRemoveSort': 'Remove Sort',
'columnMenuItemFilter': 'Filter',
'columnMenuItemRemoveFilter': 'Remove Filter',
'columnMenuItemGroupBy': 'Group by this column',
'columnMenuItemRemoveGroupBy': 'Remove Group',
'columnMenuItemHide': 'Hide',
'columnMenuItemDelete': 'Delete',
'columnResizeTooltip': 'width: {{value}}px',
'rowResizeTooltip': 'height: {{value}}px',
'commandBarAddRow': 'Add',
'commandBarDeleteRow': 'Delete',
'commandBarBatchRevert': 'Revert',
'commandBarBatchSave': 'Save',
'commandBarFilter': 'Filter',
'commandBarSort': 'Sort',
'commandBarSearch': 'Search',
'commandBarCustomize': 'Customize',
'commandBarGroup': 'Group',
'commandColumnEdit': 'Edit',
'commandColumnDelete': 'Delete',
'commandColumnCancel': 'Cance l',
'commandColumnUpdate': 'Update',
'commandColumnMenu': '',
'expandRow': 'Expand row',
'collapseRow': 'Collapse row',
'addNewRow': 'Click here to add a new row',
'addNewColumn': 'Click here to add a new column',
'dialogChartHeader': '{{value}} Chart',
'dialogRowDetailHeader': 'Row Id: {{value}}',
'dialogDescriptionHeader': 'Column: {{value}}',
'dialogRowDetailButtonConfirm': 'OK',
'dialogRowDetailButtonCancel': 'CANCEL',
'dialogEditHeader': 'Edit {{value}}',
'dialogAddButtonConfirm': 'ADD',
'dialogAddButtonCancel': 'CANCEL',
'dialogEditButtonConfirm': 'OK',
'dialogEditButtonCancel': 'CANCEL',
'dialogFilterButtonConfirm': 'FILTER',
'dialogFilterButtonCancel': 'CLEAR',
'dialogDeleteButtonConfirm': 'DELETE',
'dialogDeleteButtonCancel': 'CANCEL',
'dialogEditColumn': 'Column: {{value}}',
'dialogAddColumn': 'Add Column',
'dialogAddHeader': 'Add Row',
'dialogDeleteHeader': 'Delete Row',
'dialogFilterHeader': 'Filter by',
'dialogFilterMinLabel': 'Min',
'dialogFilterMaxLabel': 'Max',
'conditionalFormatting': 'Conditional Formatting',
'groupBarLabel': 'Drag a column header here to group by that column',
'dialogDeleteContent': 'Are you sure you want to delete this row?',
'calendar': {
// separator of parts of a date (e.g. '/' in 11/05/1955)
'/': '/',
// separator of parts of a time (e.g. ':' in 05:44 PM)
':': ':',
// the first day of the week (0 = Sunday, 1 = Monday, etc)
firstDay: 0,
days: {
// full day names
names: [ 'Sunday', 'Monday', 'Tuesday', 'Wednesday', 'Thursday', 'Friday', 'Saturday' ],
// abbreviated day names
namesAbbr: [ 'Sun', 'Mon', 'Tue', 'Wed', 'Thu', 'Fri', 'Sat' ],
// shortest day names
namesShort: [ 'Su', 'Mo', 'Tu', 'We', 'Th', 'Fr', 'Sa' ]
months: {
// full month names (13 months for lunar calendards -- 13th month should be '' if not lunar)
names: [ 'January', 'February', 'March', 'April', 'May', 'June', 'July', 'August', 'September', 'October', 'November', 'December', '' ],
// abbreviated month names
namesAbbr: [ 'Jan', 'Feb', 'Mar', 'Apr', 'May', 'Jun', 'Jul', 'Aug', 'Sep', 'Oct', 'Nov', 'Dec', '' ]
// AM and PM designators in one of these forms:
// The usual view, and the upper and lower case versions
// [standard,lowercase,uppercase]
// The culture does not use AM or PM (likely all standard date formats use 24 hour time)
// null
AM: [ 'AM', 'am', 'AM' ],
PM: [ 'PM', 'pm', 'PM' ],
eras: [
// eras in reverse chronological order.
// name: the name of the era in this culture (e.g. A.D., C.E.)
// start: when the era starts in ticks (gregorian, gmt), null if it is the earliest supported era.
// offset: offset in years from gregorian calendar
{ 'name': 'A.D.', 'start': null, 'offset': 0 }
currencySymbol: '$',
currency: 'USD',
currencySymbolPosition: 'before',
decimalSeparator: '.',
thousandsSeparator: ','
'CONTAINS': 'Contains',
'DOES_NOT_CONTAIN': 'Does not contain',
'ENDS_WITH': 'Ends with',
'EQUAL': 'Equal',
'GREATER_THAN': 'Greater than',
'GREATER_THAN_OR_EQUAL': 'Greater than or equal',
'LESS_THAN': 'Less than',
'LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL': 'Less than or equal',
'NOT_EQUAL': 'Not equal',
'RANGE': 'Range',
'CLEAR_FILTER': 'Clear Filter',
'STARTS_WITH': 'Starts with',
'addFilter': '+ Add filter',
'and': 'And',
'apply': 'Apply',
'booleanFirst': '☐',
'booleanLast': '☑',
'cancel': 'Cancel',
'CONTAINS_CASE_SENSITIVE': 'Contains (case sensitive)',
'dateFirst': '1',
'dateLast': '9',
'DOES_NOT_CONTAIN_CASE_SENSITIVE': 'does not contain (case sensitive)',
'EMPTY': 'empty',
'ENDS_WITH_CASE_SENSITIVE': 'ends with (case sensitive)',
'EQUAL_CASE_SENSITIVE': 'equal (case sensitive)',
'filter': 'Filter',
'customize': 'Customize Columns',
'filteredByMultiple': '{{n}} filters',
'filteredByOne': '1 filter',
'filterValuePlaceholder': 'Value',
'find': 'Find a field',
'findInView': 'Find in view',
'firstBy': 'Sort by',
'found': '{{nth}} of {{n}}',
'from': 'from',
'noFilters': 'No filters applied',
'noResults': 'No results',
'noSorting': 'No sorting applied',
'NOT_EMPTY': 'not empty',
'NOT_NULL': 'not null',
'NULL': 'null',
'numberFirst': '1',
'numberLast': '9',
'ok': 'OK',
'or': 'Or',
'pickAnother': 'Pick another field to sort by',
'sort': 'Sort',
'group': 'Group',
'sortedByMultiple': 'Sorted by {{n}} fields',
'sortedByOne': 'Sorted by 1 field',
'STARTS_WITH_CASE_SENSITIVE': 'starts with (case sensitive)',
'stringFirst': 'A',
'stringLast': 'Z',
'thenBy': 'then by',
'where': 'Where',
'collapseAll': 'Collapse all',
'expandAll': 'Expand all',
'noGrouping': 'No grouping',
'groupedByMultiple': '{{n}} groups',
'groupedByOne': '1 group',
'firstByGroup': 'Group by',
'pickAnotherGroupBy': 'Pick another field to group by',
'add': 'Add condition',
'all': 'All columns',
'between': 'Between',
'close': 'Close',
'column': 'Column:',
'condition': 'Condition:',
'equal': 'Equal To',
'fontFamily': 'Font family:',
'fontSize': 'Font size:',
'format': 'Format:',
'greaterThan': 'Greater Than',
'highlight': 'Highlight',
'lessThan': 'Less Than',
'notEqual': 'Not Equal To',
'remove': 'Remove condition',
'secondValue': 'Second value:',
'text': 'Text',
'value': 'Value:',
'addCondition': 'Add Condition',
'addGroup': 'Add Group',
'blanks': '(Blanks)',
'clear': 'Clear',
'contains': 'contains',
'containsCaseSensitive': 'contains (case sensitive)',
'dateTabLabel': 'DATE',
'doesNotContain': 'does not contain',
'doesNotContainCaseSensitive': 'does not contain (case sensitive)',
'empty': 'empty',
'endsWith': 'ends with',
'endsWithCaseSensitive': 'ends with (case sensitive)',
'equalCaseSensitive': 'equal (case sensitive)',
'greaterThanOrEqual': 'greater than or equal',
'lessThanOrEqual': 'less than or equal',
'mismatchedProperties': 'jqxFilterPanel: The "filterType" and the data type of the selected "dataField" are mismatched.',
'missingProperty': 'jqxFilterPanel: When mode is \'excel\', either "data" and "dataField" or "dataSource" of type Array have to be set.',
'notEmpty': 'not empty',
'notNull': 'not null',
'null': 'null ',
'placeholderBoolean': 'Select value',
'placeholderDate': 'Enter date',
'placeholderNumber': 'Enter number',
'placeholderTime': 'Enter time',
'placeholderValue': 'Enter value',
'selectAll': '(Select All)',
'showRows': 'Show rows where:',
'startsWith': 'starts with',
'startsWithCaseSensitive': 'starts with (case sensitive)',
'timeTabLabel': 'TIME'

Best regards,
Peter Stoev
Smart UI Team