In version 9.3.11 table.removeRow is working if you remove one row each time or all the rows from one table page.
However, if you select random rows from different pages it doesn’t work : ( steps to reproduce the issue:
0.- Open this fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/qo9zya08/
1.- Select these rows: 2,0 and 11
2.- Click on remove
3.- If you check previous page, rows are still there: 2 and 0 checked (Error)
4.- If you open console it says that 11 and 0 were removed (Error)
It should remove 2, 0 and 11
the console should say 11, 2, 0
and the table should be updated
One of my peers is starting to use your Table as well and would like to help and report issues/errors.
Warm Regards,
Johnny Johnny