Hi Yavor,
Thanks. It worked like a charm. You’re the best.
I have another questions.

  1. I want to get all values from window fields. I tried with:
    Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('smart-input')).forEach((element, index) =>
      const eventFieldType = element.getAttribute('aria-label');
      if (eventFieldType === EVENT_FIELD.TYPE) {
        type = element.value;
      if (eventFieldType === EVENT_FIELD.LOCATION) {
        location = element.value;
      if (eventFieldType === EVENT_FIELD.DESCRIPTION) {
        description = element.value;

    Is that ok or there is a better solution?

  2. In your example at smart-card you have on window only input text and date fields. I want a dropdown instead of one input text. How can I do that?