I found out how to do this from your docs,  see:
<h3 id=”toc-taskusericon_boolean” title=”taskUserIcon”><span class=”code”>boolean</span></h3>
<p class=”smart-property-description”>Toggles the visibility of the task user icon.</p>
<div class=”smart-property-default-value”>
<h4>Default value</h4>
<span class=”value”>true</span></div>
<div class=”code-example”>Try a demo showcasing the taskUserIcon property.</div>
<div class=”code-example”>
Set the taskUserIcon property.
<pre class=”prettyprint”> <smart-kanban [taskUserIcon]=”true”></smart-kanban>
Set the taskUserIcon property by using the component’s instance.
<pre class=”prettyprint”> this.kanban.taskUserIcon = false;
Get the taskUserIcon property.
<pre class=”prettyprint”> let taskUserIcon = this.kanban.taskUserIcon;