Hi Yavor,
I tried what you suggested but that only gets the header to wrap. The header row still doesn’t resize to show the full column name. Here is a Stackblitz showing what I’m seeing, based on the basic example in the docs (I upgraded the @smart-webcomponents-angular/grid dependency to the latest version):
I made the Product name column label long (Product Name and Stuff), and set that column’s width to something small. I applied your CSS to the assets/styles.css. The header text wraps now, but the header row isn’t tall enough to show the full text.
I’m looking for a fix, in CSS and/or script, that will allow the height of the column header to automatically resize to fit the content, especially when the user changes the width of the column. I did a little more digging, and found the onColumnResize event. In that event I could detect the height of the tallest header, but is there a way in script to set the height of the header row?
Thanks for the help!