Hi vaishnavip,

Thank you for the clarification. If you do not want to allow users to see or edit a field, you can simply not pass it in the columns property. The data will still be available inside the dataSource property.
For example, please have a look at this demo. Here we pass anĀ id property to the dataSource, but it is not displayed inside the cards. We can still get the id value using the dataSource property.

However, if you need to show the card field, but you don’t want the users to edit it, then please see the DisableDataField() function in this demo.
In the example above, the code disables all dataFields passed in the disabledFields Array, but the data is still displayed to the users.

Please, let me know if any of these solutions will work for you!

Best Regards,
Ivan Peevski
Smart UI Team