Giovanni Zomer

thanks for your information; unfortunately it could be rather difficult to implement this case, as we build the form dynamically and – at least up to now – we don’t know in advance the max-length and size we need for inputs (as they could be set by the user himself); so we cannot build a style for each possibility as this could be difficult to mantain;
but in the meantime, I found a solution which could be suitable to us, and I’m just testing it;
if I use the template-tag, passing the variable data for size and maxlength

var objFormElements=[];

(looping through values and creating all the input fields with individual and personalized lengths)

objElement={ dataField:arrDetail[0], controlType:’template’, label:arrDetail[2], template:'<input type=text size=’+arrDetail[3]+’ maxlength=’+arrDetail[4]+’ class=dataInput>’ };

var objForm=new Smart.Form(‘#EDIT’,{ controls: objFormElements });

and it seems it could work (I have to finish the tests, but I’m confident)
thanks for your help!