Hello Yavor,

Thank you for your reply.

Where can I find all other phrases it seems the documentation is outdated?

“notcontains” “startswith” and so on…

Another problem I ran into:

I use often to change dynamically a column set in the grid. Let’s say I have 3 different sets:

Set 1 : Column A (with a “contains” filter), Column B, Column C
Set 2: Column A, Column B (with a “contains” filter), Column C, Column D
Set 3: Column A, Column B, Column C, Column D, Column E (no filters are set in any column)

They more I switch between a set with a filter, they more this slows down the grid (every switch is +1 sec slower or so) , a switch to a column set without a filter is immediatley responsive.

I use the Grid.ClearFilter() method before I set the next columns.