Hi Peter,

Thank you for your reply and your answers!

I tested the demo which included multiple functions and found that the android vertical view does not work:

Another issue is with selecting filter after clicking on sort, it auto scrolls to the bottom of the page: video: https://ufile.io/todisyz7

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Few more questions:

  1. Is it possible to auto-hide rows based on size of the container/window on some sort of priority levels?
  2. Is there dark-mode for all the elements of the table or do we have to define them manually in CSS? (like, the charting inside the table)
  3. what are some features that would not work (like grouping etc., – not sure if it’s 100% supported) if a server-side model is used?
  4. Does a row’s size (height) increase dynamically if the content of the any cell in the row is large? for example, if I were to add 5 tags of 6 characters each, how would the row look like?
  5. Is it possible to have a search box for each column along with a filter button?
  6. How would pagination look like for a server-side model? we return the no. of records & the records/page right? or is it just next/prev button?


Thank you!