Hm… I think I don’t understand…


I have a class

class Person{
Guid Id { get; set; }
string Name { get; set; }

and I have a page

@page "/persons"

@implements IAsyncDisposable

@code {

Grid grid;
private HubConnection? hubConnection;
private List persons;

protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync()
hubConnection = new HubConnectionBuilder()

hubConnection.On<List>("ReceivePersons", async (persons) =>
this.persons = persons;

await hubConnection.StartAsync();

await hubConnection.SendAsync("GetPersons");

public async ValueTask DisposeAsync()
if (hubConnection is not null)
await hubConnection.DisposeAsync();

An for some reason I want to select all rows that contain an entry with the name “Oliver” on page load.

How would I do that?

I tried grid.SelectRows(persons.Where(x => x.Name.Contains("Oliver"))) but in OnInitializedAsync grid is still null, and persons did not arrive either (SignalR does need a bit). Then I moved it to OnAfterRender but there the grid.Rows are still Empty even if they are already displayed in the browser.

Do you have an Idea / code snippet?

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