I did that and it solved the compilation issue.  Thank you.

I installed the Smart.Blazor NuGet package and followed the instructions on this site.  I/We have not purchased the library (yet).  Not sure if the issues are due to not having a license.   I would like to try it out before we purchase it.  We’re looking for a drop down that supports multiple selection.

I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong, but not sure what at this point.  Currently, I’m getting System.InvalidOperationException: ‘Cannot get the value of a token type ‘Null’ as a boolean.’ when the page loads.

<Smart.Blazor.DropDownList DataSource=”@chemLabAlertEmailsSelectArray”
@foreach (var alertEmail in chemLabAlertEmails)
<Smart.Blazor.ListItem Value=”alertEmail.AlertEmailAddress”>@alertEmail.AlertEmailAddress</Smart.Blazor.ListItem>

chemLabAlertEmails is a List not an array but changing it to an array changes nothing.

Any ideas?