overflow-auto have no effect.

When I insert your grid without container.Only


<Grid id=”grid” @ref=”grid” DataSource=”@listGridData” ColumnGroups=”_colGroups” Columns=”@_columns” Paging=”@paging” Pager=”@pager”></Grid>

I have the same problem. After loading the page the Grid width is 100%, but when I inserts later columns in the grid the grid width is greater as the page width.


Maybe it is also because the first time I run my BuildGrid function, no data is displayed. The columns are there but no rows are displayed, whereas my list listGridData contains data. If I press the “Anzeigen” button a second time to run BuldGrid. The data is displayed and the width of the table is changed a bit. You can see on the page how the width of the table slowly gets smaller. But in the end it is still wider than the web page.

Here some images.

Image 1 when the page is loaded.

After page Loaded

After selection Profil and Timerange and press “Anzeigen” (Show)


After I press the Button Aniegen a second time without changes.

I hope the images help you to understand my problem.


The editor of the forum show the images, but the images not displayed on the page with the articles!



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