Dawud Tan

the error is my route is not functioning as expected when I specify a path to an external HTML file, but instead it is just showing 404 not found error, the route configuration that I have passed as parameter to the setRoutes method is correct as explained in the documentation:

template: string - either the id of a local HTMLTemplateElement or a path to an external HTML file. The HTML contents serves as a template for the view of the route.

$(() => {
const router = new Smart.Router('tampilanUtamanya', '${mvc.basePath}/coba');

path: '/',
template: 'tampilanBeranda',
title: 'Rumahnya'
path: '/cip',
template: './tentang/templatTentang.htm',
title: 'Tentangnya'
path: '/hubungi',
template: 'templatHubungi',
title: 'Hubungilah'
path: '/lainu',
template: 'laine',
title: 'lain2'


When I specify just the id of a local HTMLTemplateElement, it could be functioning as expected.

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