The example did not have any bands in it, is it possible to repost. Thanks


I programmatically set the DisplayField and TextField elsewhere, and tried to set the Band values there as well (but the latter part did not work – likely because the actual elements were not properly created by me)


chart is defined as

<Chart @ref=”lineChart” DataSource=”chartData” Animation=”Animation.None” Caption=”” Description=””
ShowLegend=”false” ShowBorderLine=”false” Padding=”new Padding() { Left = 5, Top = 15, Right = 25, Bottom = 5 }”
XAxis=”xAxis” SeriesGroups=”seriesGroups” ColorScheme=”ChartColorScheme.Scheme01″ OnReady=”OnChartReady” @key=”updateChart” showToolTips=”true” />



some elements are altered

chartData = EWparData;

seriesGroups.ElementAt(0).Series.ElementAt(0).DataField = “Result”;
seriesGroups.ElementAt(0).Series.ElementAt(0).DisplayText = par;

seriesGroups.ElementAt(0).ValueAxis.Description = par;
seriesGroups.ElementAt(0).ValueAxis.Bands.ElementAt(0).Opacity = (float)0.05;
seriesGroups.ElementAt(0).ValueAxis.Bands.ElementAt(0).MinValue = (float)minN;
seriesGroups.ElementAt(0).ValueAxis.Bands.ElementAt(0).MaxValue = (float)maxN;

dispChart = true;