Good to hear that you have not abandoned typescript totally.
It is indeed possible to use Smart HTML Elements with typescript using just one import:
import "@smarthtmlelements/smart-elements/source/smart.elements.js";
Only that I am missing intellisense and code completion as I can not use actual types but HTMLElement or nearest type from it if I believe that I can use it.
And can not Ctrl-click (jump) to object or method in question.
I have to copy every method that I use from your API or examples pages. It is a bit tedious but once I got all the words and have tested them to work things go quite smoothly 🙂
Overall I like custom tags very much as they make manipulating DOM elements really slick with only one instance to track and you can use DOM API for that.
IMO your framework has definitely a bright future as it matures a bit and is more feature complete.
Example: Smart HTML Elements with typescript without type definitions
P.S. I would love to have a preview button before submitting post with heavy formatting.