Hi Walter,
Your code is correct, however the ‘week’ view of the Smart.GanttChart shows the weeks of the month on the first header row and the days on the second. This means that the cells for the days are aligned according to the weeks since that is the view. In ‘week’ view, months are not displayed. Changing the labels of the header does not change the cell rendering logic for the view. It only changes the label. So to you avoid the confusion you could include the week range(e.g. first date of week – last day of week) instead of only the year and monh name. We have a similar example that shows how to display the first and last days of the week for ‘month’ view. When customizing the cells for ‘week’ view the date argument of the timelineHeaderFormatFunction contains the first date of the week.
Best Regards,
Smart HTML Elements Team