Thank You @Yavor Dashev and @Admin
I already thought about using the Tree grid. But in my case, I don’t have a parent-child relationship in data. Basically, it’s based on the user to group on the desired fields and it should be multiple fields too. So I think the tree grid won’t work in that case.
Even I try normal checkbox for the grid as below
this.grid.selection = {
enabled: true,
action: ‘click’,
checkBoxes: {
enabled: true,
autoShow: true
It enables the checkbox but I’m not able to get the checked data. I tried the below code as per the doc but don’t know why it returns the checked false every time.
const result = this.grid.rows.map((x: GridRow) => {
return x.checked = true;
So can you help me with this too? How to get checked items from the grid and any alternative way I can enable this check box selection manually. Like any method from where did I get something selected group data and I did set the checkbox checked property to true using the code.
Any suggestion will help to make it work.  I referred to this link https://www.htmlelements.com/docs/grid-selection/#checkbox for selection things.
Thank You,
Waiting for your quick response.</div>