Hi Yavor,
On #1, I’ll have to get back to that, because I don’t think what you suggested actually works. I may have a work around, though.
On #2, thank you. Any idea if that will be included in the next release?
On the extra thing about the typings, I might not have made it clear. I agree, the typing allows the incorrect value “dblClick”, but the code is expecting ‘doubleClick’.
If you have a look at this Stackblitz, you’ll see that I set the editing.action to ‘dblClick’. However, the cell is editable only with a single click, so that value doesn’t really work, and if you look in the console, you’ll see this message:

Invalid 'editing_action' property value! Actual value: ''dblClick'', Expected value: ''none', 'click','doubleClick''!

If you change that editing.action value to ‘doubleClick’, you’ll see the editor doesn’t like it (red squiggly line under it), but now you can only edit the cell with a double click. I’m just saying the typing doesn’t match the actual code. And just to make it more confusing, if you enable cell selection, the editing.action is completely ignored and editing is only triggered with a double click.