yes i agree with you, but please see my example:    https://codepen.io/edwardsmarkf/pen/XWBazzR
i am creating the smart-combo-box using jScript so i will be unable to use your method until after the appendChild() is called.

let element = document.createElement('smart-combo-box');
element.value = 'my default value!';
document.querySelector('div').appendChild(element);  // notice this needs to be done after the value is assigned.

as you can see from the console screenshot, the value is successfully added to the DOM object, but the value does not display properly.

could this possibly be a software flaw?  (a possible workaround below)


// 2023-01-17 workaround to smart-html-elements problem
document.getElementById('phoneticTranscriptionInputScreen').querySelectorAll('smart-combo-box').forEach( item => {
if ( item.value ) {
let tmp = item.value;
item.value = '';
item.value = tmp;