Hi pkz,


  1.  At the moment, we support multiple different summaries only for the smart-grid component.
  2.  To achieve this, you could use the onCellRender() callback function. The function is called before each cell render and you can use it to perform the custom calculations and set them as value. Here is a simple example, which changes the value of the ‘USA Income’ summary: codepen
  3.  The button is inactive since the div.switchContainer is standing on top of it. If you change it’s position, the button will be active
  4. At the moment, the pivot designer only supports the categorical filter, however this is a great suggestion, and we will consider adding such option in a future release!
  5. Yes, it’s possible – the createChart() function simply passes the table data to the smart-chart component. You can create a custom function, which will pass only the selected data – please have a look at the example here codepen
    We also have a similar demo on our site here: https://www.htmlelements.com/demos/pivottable/integration-with-chart/

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Ivan Peevski

Smart UI Team