Thank you for your response and help!

  1. No problem
  2. I don’t understand your solution here. What I would like to see is, for example, a multiplier of x2 for every number of Income. Say, I define a function foo(x){x*2} and apply it to all the column’s values, and I foo to be a list of summary types like sum, stddev etc., – is this possible? so basically my own summary functions
  3. Got it – thanks for indicating this!
  4. Thank you! This would definitely be a HUGE addition!
  5. This is great progress. I just have a few questions regarding this:
    1. When the chart is generated, I often see empty axis values:|

      But this clears up on clicking on the legend again – is there a way to make sure they are always displayed correctly?
    2. I noticed that in your example you have used income as an example, what if I want to support other chart types with say, multiple datasets, how can I easily change the chart type of smart-chart (i.e #pivot-chart)?