Brian King

Hi Ivan,

Thank you for the quick response.  What I am trying to accomplish is to update a remote database when data has been edited in the grid.  Our app is a webassembly and all data changes are done through an api therefore I cannot send requests directly to the database from the app.  What I am seeing is that when I use the OnRowUpdate event, the grid locks up and is not released.  My thinking was that the grid would be released by invoking the confirm method.

This raises a few more questions.

First what is the purpose of the OnRowUpdate if when I implement it, it locks up the grid.

Second, I looked at the Dynamic Template guide but I am unclear on how I would use JSInterop to call the existing method confirm.  Could you provide an example of how to invoke the confirm message after the OnRowUpdate has been triggered.

Third, would there be a better way or another event I can trap that would allow me to make api calls after the grid has been edited which is my primary goal.