Using the tabPosition: 'hidden' setting successfully hides the tab bar when the docking LayoutPanel is first shown. However, if the LayoutPanel is then dragged and docked to another position in the Docking Layout, the tab bar is again (incorrectly) shown. Is there any way to permanently disable the tab bar in a LayoutPanel from displaying? The reason we are trying to do this is because we will only ever have a single tab within the LayoutPanel, so showing the tab bar wastes space and is unnecessary. I tried adding content directly to the LayoutPanel using a content field, but that does not work, so it appears that the only way to add content to a LayoutPanel is to create a LayoutPanelItem in the LayoutPanel’s items field, then setting content there? Is there any other way to have content inside a LayoutPanel and completely and permanently disable the LayoutPanel’s tab bar?