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    I am using “noSQL” database and collecting data using Rest.
    In the process of a work, when using ajax and loading the following page with the smart – gridtree – web – component to the main page, an error is generated:
    smart.grid.js: formatted:
    33351 Uncaught TypeError: Smart.Grid.Column is not a constructor
    at HTMLElement._initializeColumns (smart.grid.js: formatted: 33351)
    at HTMLElement._renderColumns (smart.grid.js: formatted: 32892)
    at HTMLElement._render (smart.grid.js: formatted: 32986)
    at HTMLElement.render (smart.grid.js: formatted: 32886)
    in t (smart.grid.js: formatted: 17721)
    at HTMLElement.e.complete (smart.grid.js: formatting: 17767)
    at HTMLElement.setup (smart.grid.js: formatted: 17796)
    at HTMLElement.connect (smart.grid.js: formatted: 19311)
    at HTMLElement.connectedCallback (smart.grid.js: formatted: 19332)
    at Function.register (smart.grid.js: formatted: 18606)
    On the other hand, when I use a greedtree component with same configutation on the same master page, (without loading Ajax) it works correctly.
    Tell me in which direction to look for the error? may be I need to initialize this component:

    window.Smart (‘# grid’, class {
    get properties () {
    return {
    appearance: {
    alternationStart: 0,
    alternationCount: 2,
    showRowHeader: true,
    showRowHeaderFocusIcon: true,
    showRowHeaderSelectIcon: true, //
    dataSource: new window.Smart.DataAdapter ({
    ….. etc. etc.

    in some special way?
    Oleg Ilin.


    …..┬áMoreover, after several unsuccessful downloads, the component is suddenly loaded!
    but works with the some errors

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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