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    hello – i started researching possibilities to include notes with cells.

    most other grid tools include notes;  here is google-sheets cell notes:




    and here is libra-office sheets:


    libra office


    from research, there appears to be three possible codepen approaches to include notes with smart-html-elements-grid:

    Bobby Hadz solution may be the best if (big IF) i can get the linebreaks to work.  i have contacted him to see if he could give any suggestions (or perhaps even update his example)

    hopefully smart-html-elements-grid will eventually include cell notes since they are so useful, and from what i can tell from my research, it would be relatively straightforward to add them.

    what does everybody think about this?


    this looks like the best way so far:

    this makes use of bobby hadz’s title attribute styling.

    i am sure there is a MUCH better way to style the cells that contain a note.

    hopefully, smart-html-elements will add notes to grid cells….?


    with a bit of a hack i think this will work:

    hopefully, smart-html-elements will eventually add notes to grid cells….?




    Thank you for sharing your experience, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

    Best Regards,
    Svetoslav Borislavov

    Smart UI Team


    i would REALLY appreciate learning if perhaps ‘cell-notes’ might one day be supported?

    and if not, would it be OK if i took a look at the source code & tried to figure out a better way to do this?

    cell-notes are VERY useful and as you can see from my prototype, it would be relatively to add this feature to grid.

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