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    Thank you so much – I appreciate the prompt feedback! It allows me to move on to other things while waiting for a fix.


    I wrote:

    There seems to be a problem if the initial number of rows in the data source is 1 or 0. If it is > 1, then new rows that are added are correctly displayed.

    admin wrote:

    We confirm the Grid component issue reported by jtara. We will resolve it in the next update.

    I’m afraid that even in 4.5 there is still a problem. It is SLIGHTLY improved.
    Now, it no longer fails with only one row.
    However, a grid that is initially created with no rows still fails. You will never see the grid content displayed.
    There are of course so many use cases for a grid that initially is empty, and then rows are added. We still have to start out with at least one dummy row.
    I will write a support request. Just giving a heads-up here for others.


    Actually, I need to do a bit more testing, which I will do before submitted a support request.
    I have a grid that I populate from an Ajax request. It populates with a modest number of rows > 3 That’s the one that I tried, and I noted that if the grid starts out empty, then it will never show.
    I haven’t yet tested if there is still some dependence on number of rows added – e.g. previous behaviour is first 3 adds would show, and after that no more.


    OK, now I tested my grid which is used to display a summary of rows added to a database one by one.
    That is, a user fills a form, the form is sent to a server with Ajax, and the Ajax response sends back a row with generated ID, etc. then the row is added to the grid.
    This works only if the grid is first populated with one dummy row. I no longer need to add at least TWO dummy rows. And there no longer (in 4.5) is an issue where only the first 3 rows added show.
    The issue now is that if the grid starts out empty, the rows that I add are not shown.
    So, it is still not completely solved.
    I will now submit a support request for this.


    Hello jtara,
    We are unable to reproduce such issue. If you encounter an issue in your application, then please share codepen example, which demonstrates it.
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Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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