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    Hi Team,

    I want to know does the CONFIGURATION for the data grid supports the JSON format.

    As we have configuration residing in a separate project which is consumed by the main application.

    An example use case is


    <div> {</div>
    <div>            label: ‘Mood’, dataField: ”, editor: {</div>
    <div>                template: ‘#moodEditorTemplate’,</div>
    <div>                onInit(index, dataField, editor) {</div>
    <div>                    editor.addEventListener(‘click’, function (event) {</div>
    <div>                        editor.firstElementChild.value =;</div>
    <div>                    });</div>
    <div>                }</div>
    <div>            }, width: 70, align: ‘left’, template: ‘#moodTemplate’,</div>
    <div>        },</div>
    In above case, Can I use strings where I can configure Template from my Typescript file . So my configuration works as a JSON format.




    Hi Manikanda,


    the ‘template’ property can also be set as an HTML string. For example, this will produce the exact same result as the one in the demo:

    template: `<div tabindex=0 style=”padding: 0px; display:flex; justify-content: center;”><span
    tabindex=1>😊</span><span tabindex=2>😐</span>
    <span tabindex=3>😂</span>


    Best Regards,
    Ivan Peevski
    Smart UI Team


    Thanks for the update, In my case i might have different configuration for my clients placed in a separate repository (Ex: Repo A). Also I want to control that in my application which is in another repository (Repo B). For ex: click action, OnInit Events, in these cases I want the configuration to be of JSON format with some Component name as the value for the key in the column configuration (something like that) so that I can have different column config controls(custom cell editor ex: datepicker, where i want to disable future dates). Also I want to perform client side validation when using inline editing . In all these cases, If I have a control on my application(Repo B) it suit my needs, rather than been set on the Column configuration (JSON file) present in Repository A.



    You may fetch the JSON and parse it to a plain object. The config cannot be JSON.

    Best Regards,
    Svetoslav Borislavov

    Smart UI Team

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