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    Andrea Durando

    Hi all,

    I have an issue about the CRUD operation for the events .

    When the user do a CRUD operation i’ll send an API request and after the ok e redo a search to abtainthe list of calendar event updated.

    To update the datasource a copied parto of the code prsent the example

    Here the part of the code that i use tu update it :

    //response is the list of elements that i save in a locla varaible this.listEvents
    <div>  this.listEvents = response.body??[];</div>
    <div>//After do that i update the datasource</div>
    <div>this.scheduler.dataSource = new window.Smart.DataAdapter({</div>
    <div>              dataSource:  this.listEvents ,</div>
    <div>              dataSourceType: ‘array’,</div>
    <div>              dataFields: [</div>
    <div>                { name: ‘id’, map: “id”, dataType: ‘string’ },</div>
    <div>                { name: ‘label’, map: “description”, dataType: ‘string’ },</div>
    <div>                { name: ‘dateStart’, map: ‘start_date’, dataType: ‘string’ },</div>
    <div>                { name: ‘dateEnd’, map: ‘end_date’, dataType: ‘string’ },</div>
    <div>                { name: ‘description’, map: ‘description’, dataType: ‘string’ }</div>
    <div>              ]</div>
    <div>            });</div>
    <div>I noticed that  that work not always sometimes it update the data and sometime not.</div>
    <div>What could be the cause?</div>


    Hi Andrea,

    I’d suggest you to check whether this is cache related. I would also suggest you to console.log the this.listEvents as it could be also Async related i.e you set the dataSource to the old value, not to the new value.


    Andrea Durando

    Hi i do a check for the cache but seems not a problema about it,

    and I try to pass directly the response from the API to the dataSource, but the problem still remain.

    Any other suggestion?



    Can you please share your code, so that we can work on it?
    You may send it here but the preferred way is to send it to

    Best Regards,
    Svetoslav Borislavov

    Smart UI Team

    Andrea Durando

    Yestarday I forward to you an E-Mail with the code that i wrote.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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