One thing i’m finding difficult with the documentation is that there are 3 places to look for information. The ‘docs’ page, the ‘demos’ page, and the ‘api’ page. An example of how this caused an issue for me is that if im just looking at the API, i would have never known there was a ‘filter panel’ feature for Grid – that is found in the ‘docs’ page. Im finding myself navigating between all 3 of these pages as well as the forums for information.

Another issue i feel like is causing me problems is that in the ‘api’ page, at the top it lists properties. When you click on those, you find that those are actually objects containing more properties, so you sort of need to guess what the top level property is that contains the thing you are looking for. As an example, im trying to figure out how to set the width of the grid to be the full width of the page, and i can’t find it. I would guess it would be in ‘layout’ property, but no luck. (i still can’t seem to find it)

I think utilizing some of the horizontal space in the API page might help with readability. A table format would probably work well. The masonary-style property links are kind of a big wall and its daunting to read through.

Also on the API page, putting the ‘how to get and set this property’ after every property takes up a ton of space and is really redundant, making it hard to find useful information. if you just show the path to the property in the header, like ‘layout.allowCellsWrap’, and describe once somewhere how to get and set properties, that might make more sense.

sometimes the property descriptions arent helpful. example: the for the mapChar property, the description is ‘Sets the ‘mapChar’ data field of the record’. I think example, it should be a description of what the mapChar actually does.

I apologize for being so critical here. I really wanted to give some examples and reinforce the perception that the documentation is difficult to navigate. While fixing some of these specific examples would be helpful, i think it would be good to take them as symptoms of bigger problems.

I think these components are great, and would love to be able to work with them more easily.