Giovanni Zomer

Hi, JoeLaRue,
I’m setting the css to get the whole width

width: 100%;
–smart-background: var(–rows-bg-color);
–label-color: var(–rows-fg-color);

I understand your problems very well. The components are very well programmed and you can do professional things with them. Unfortunately there is a lack of documentation in each part. You cannot simply find what you’re looking for. The structure of the documentation is unclear. You’ll find some informations here and other ones there. What a programmer really needs is a very short example for each of the property and methods. I know it’s a huge work. But that would make the component very interesting to anyone who gives it a try. If I would not believe this is the right component for my needs, I probably would have left the tests long ago. But the components are really good! It’s just the docs which don’t show the potential of them.