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    could i please see an example of adjusting the width and height of a ComboBox?
    this seems to work for the width but not the height:

    smart-combo-box {
    ….min-width   : 400px;
    ….min-height  : 500px;

    also, i see references to something like “<span class=”webkit-css-property”>min-height</span><span class=”styles-name-value-separator”>: </span><span class=”value”>var(–smart-editor-height)</span>;”  — are we supposed to be setting the values prefixed with the double dashes?
    note:  the htmlElements looks like one of the most powerful widgets i have ever seen.


    sorry my final question was altered by a filter.
    “also, i see references to something like  [DASH] [DASH] smart [DASH] editor [DASH] height  — are we supposed to be setting the css values prefixed by the double dashes?”
    its interesting to note that the following line is required as the first line in order to get htmlelements to work:
    <   !  DOCTYPE  html >   (spaces intentionally added to override possible filtering)
    some legacy webpages might not include this as the first line.


    Hi edwardsmarkf,
    Smart UI does not support legacy browsers like Internet Explorer. You can check the browsers compatibility here:
    Best Regards,
    Smart UI Team

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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