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    I have looked into the programability of  several kanban boards from various vendors (syncfusion, bryntum, telerik, webix, ..) over the last months or so and I know the weakness of all.
    For what is worth I would like to provide you with some advice on improving your product, because it has a great potential. As it stands, with version 10.0 please take these into account:

    1. Add the templating for the header, card, other components of the control
    2. Add the ability to drag column(s)
    3. Do not limit the developer to your designated members (e.g. dueDate), introduce a model that user could choose any field names wish
    4. Why have only three types of priorities and have them fixed.
    5. A task usually has a title as well as a description.
    6. Again don’t fix “text” as field name.
    7. Why not having subtask items appear as checkbox, which can be checked or unckecked without loading the editor
    8. Can not choose from priority, colour, user fields for swimlane, why do I have to have a separate value for a swimlane
    9. In relatively large boards, you will need to make swimlanes collapsable
    10. The Editor takes a lot of real estate, i.e. the height and size of the default input controls are too wide and high.

    May be more items later.


    Hi Mehran,
    Thank you for the suggestions. We will consider them. Ability to drag columns, set templates to tasks which also allow you to re-define dueDate, priority, etc. rendering is actually already available. The task priority is not fixed, too. It depends on the data source. The size and height of inputs, etc. is available in Material design and Bootstrap which are currently mostly used in modern web app development. With the help of SCSS and the available CSS variables API you can easily customize the UI appearance for your apps.
    Best regards,
    Peter Stoev
    Smart UI Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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