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    I have been a user of JQWidgets for a while, but just getting started with Smart.  I have a page with a grid… data has been preloaded via AJAX into a JSON object.  With JQWidgets, I would use a dataAdapter with localdata set to the name of my JSON object.  ‘localdata’ does not appear to be a valid property with Smart’s dataAdapter.  I have finally been able to get data to display by using dataSourcetype of ‘array’, and setting dataSource to my json object (called comp_data).  I am obviously doing something wrong,  because whenever I click on a column heading, while the column sorts, I also get a javaScript error. ‘Cannot read property ‘disabled’ of undefined.  Error occurs on line 8.
    I am loading ‘..source/modules/smart.grid.js’ and ‘’.  Here is my code.
    var dataAdapter = new Smart.DataAdapter({
    dataSourceType: ‘array’,
    dataSource: comp_data.rows
    const grid = new Smart.Grid(‘#grid’, {
    appearance: {
    alternationCount: 2,
    showRowHeader: true,
    showRowHeaderSelectIcon: true,
    showRowHeaderFocusIcon: true
    paging: {
    enabled: true
    pager: {
    visible: true
    sorting: {
    enabled: true
    editing: {
    enabled: false
    filtering: {
    enabled: true
    selection: {
    enabled: true,
    allowCellSelection: true,
    allowRowHeaderSelection: true,
    allowColumnHeaderSelection: true,
    mode: ‘extended’
    behavior: { columnResizeMode: ‘growAndShrink’ },
    dataSource: dataAdapter,
    columns: [
    {label: ‘Account Name’, dataField: ‘ACCOUNT_NAME’},
    { label: ‘Industry’, dataField: ‘INDUSTRY’ },
    Second Issue:  I am getting a toast style message in the bottom corner of my webpage showing  I am pretty certain that this is telling me that I am using a demo version of Smart.  To get my code, I went to jqwidgets, went through the client login, and downloaded from there.  The page I downloaded from showed unzip codes, etc…  although it never asked for the codes when I unzipped.</div>


    1. Your code seems correct. We created a demo with some sample data in JSON format and your Grid settings and it works as expected:
    2. Please contact for more information on how to remove the licensing message.
    Best regards,
    Smart HTML Elements Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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