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    So I’ve been trying to apply a particular theme to a button, but no luck.

    My HTML is:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="en">
        <meta charset="UTF-8">
        <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles/smart.default.css" type="text/css" />  
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles/smart.dark-red.css" type="text/css"/>
        <smart-button id="button" class="primary"></smart-button>
    <script type="module" src="index.js"></script>

    And my JS is:

    import "./modules/smart.button.js";
    const button = document.getElementById("button");
    button.theme = "dark-red";
    button.content = "New button";
    button.type = "button";
    button.clickMode = "hover";

    But the end result is a default theme:
    Button image

    Is there something I’m missing?

    B. Markov

    As the theme file is:

    body[theme="dark-red"] {
     	--smart-primary-rgb: 221, 44, 0;
        --smart-primary: rgba(var(--smart-primary-rgb), 1);
        --smart-background: #242424; /* The theme background color. The background color appears behind scrollable content.*/
        --smart-background-color: #fff; /* Text color on top of a background background */
        --smart-surface: #333; /* The theme surface color. Surface colors affect surfaces of components, such as cards, sheets, and menus. */
        --smart-surface-color: #fff; /* Text color on top of a surface surface */
        --smart-disabled: #535353; /* The theme primary color in disabled state. */
        --smart-disabled-color: #fff; /* Text color on top of a theme background in disabled state */
        --smart-border: #464646; /* The theme background border color */
        --smart-editor-selection: var(--smart-primary);
        --smart-editor-selection-color: var(--smart-primary-color);
        --smart-ui-state-hover: #444;
        --smart-ui-state-color-hover: #fff;
        --smart-ui-state-border-hover: #444;
        --smart-ui-state-active: var(--smart-primary);
        --smart-ui-state-color-active: var(--smart-primary-color);
        --smart-ui-state-border-active: var(--smart-primary);
        --smart-ui-state-focus: #555;
        --smart-ui-state-color-focus: #fff;
        --smart-ui-state-border-focus: #555;
        --smart-ui-state-selected: rgba(var(--smart-primary-rgb), .1);
        --smart-ui-state-color-selected: var(--smart-primary);
        --smart-ui-state-border-selected: rgba(var(--smart-primary-rgb), .1);
        --smart-alternation-index0-color: var(--smart-surface-color); /* Alternation color for index0 */
        --smart-alternation-index0-border: var(--smart-surface); /* Alternation border color for index0 */
        --smart-alternation-index0-background: var(--smart-surface); /* Alternation background color for index0 */
        --smart-alternation-index1-color: #111; /*Alternation color for index1 */
        --smart-alternation-index1-border: #9BBB59; /* Alternation border color for index1 */
        --smart-alternation-index1-background: #9BBB59; /* Alternation background color for index1 */
        --smart-alternation-index2-color: #fff; /*Alternation color for index2 */
        --smart-alternation-index2-border: #FC3752; /* Alternation border color for index2 */
        --smart-alternation-index2-background: #FC3752; /* Alternation background color for index2 */
        --smart-scroll-bar-background: #3E3E42;
        --smart-scroll-bar-border: #3E3E42;
        --smart-scroll-bar-thumb-background: #686868;
        --smart-scroll-bar-thumb-border: #686868;
        --smart-scroll-bar-thumb-background-hover: #9E9E9E;
        --smart-scroll-bar-thumb-border-hover: #9E9E9E;
        --smart-scroll-bar-thumb-background-active: #444;
        --smart-scroll-bar-thumb-border-active: #444;
        --smart-scroll-bar-button-background: #3E3E42;
        --smart-scroll-bar-button-border: #3E3E42;
        --smart-scroll-bar-button-color: #999999;
        --smart-scroll-bar-button-background-hover: #3E3E42;
        --smart-scroll-bar-button-border-hover: #3E3E42;
        --smart-scroll-bar-button-color-hover: var(--smart-primary);
        --smart-scroll-bar-button-background-active: #3E3E42;
        --smart-scroll-bar-button-border-active: #3E3E42;
        --smart-scroll-bar-button-color-active: var(--smart-primary);

    it expects a theme attribute set to the document’s body tag.

    Hope this helps you.

    Best Regards,


    it expects a theme attribute set to the document’s body tag.

    Yep, that was the problem. Thanks.

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