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    (I already posted this in the “user voice”, bat the layout got lost)

    Hello. I’m interested in using your widgets for a commercial product, so I’d like to evaluate them before buying a license. Unfortunately the documentation is quite confusing.

    1) The Download and Installation paragraph on the introductory page of the doc describes files and folders not matching those in the downloaded zip file.

    2) The Download and Installation page describe different files and folders, which are more similar to those in the zip file, but the example on the same page references a css and a js file (smart.button.js) which don’t exist.

    3) The file in the zip file mention the correct files (even if they should supposedly be in a “smart” folder), but doesn’t provide a quick usage example (there’s just a couple of screenshots mentioning a “Material” theme, but no instruction on how to use it).

    These are the three issues I encountered right at the beginning, without even trying to dig further. Let me say it doesn’t look good for a commercial product. Can you provide the most simple html example showing how to add a widget to a page and set a theme, based on the files and folders in the zip file? Thank you.


    Thanks for writing and for the feedback. We will resolve the reported things.

    The download currently includes a file that is combined from the files listed there. The individual files are included only in the commercial version.
    To run the project you have to refer to smart.default.css and smart.elements.js and that’s all. Example: Material is the default theme so you don’t need to set anything here. The quick usage examples are all included in the .zip.

    Best Regards,
    Boyko Markov


    The linked example is empty. In any case I figured it out, thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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